Product and services vary widely when it comes to "spray-in bedliners". We use a product called QWIK LINER.This is an excellent product that stands up to virtually any type of "normal" abuse.This product contains a uv protectant that greatly reduces fading. 
One other consideration is , DOES the applicator remove all screws/bolts, in the event you should need to remove them at a later date or do they cover them with the spray?
For details about product and applications visit  www.qwikliner.com

Product details "BLUE DIAMOND SPRAY-IN"

1. HYBRID POLYUREA" is used. NEVER as a "diluted product"
2. Sprayed  under high pressure, resulting in virtually no "cure/drying" time.
3. All screws/bolts are removed before spray is applied, resulting in you not having to dig liner out of the screw/bolt in the event you need to remove them at some later date.
 4. We spray under the tailgate without fear of the product "running".
 5. Because the product has virtually no cure time, almost any surface can be "sprayed" resulting in a very wide variety of surfaces that can be protected.
 6.Results are  GUARANTEED 100% for a LIFETIME.

Product price or special offer

Contact us for a Free estimate. Inclued a description of what you want sprayed. We compare shop our  local competition often but if you find a better price on the exact same "spray-in", let us know and we, will adjust "our "price,